I bring clarity to organizations. I believe it's at the core of any effective organization - people knowing what's important and why.

I support product and engineering organizations and their leaders untangle lofty goals and challenges to make them concrete and actionable.

In my toolbox I have product development techniques and goal setting frameworks, backed up with solid agile experience to ensure we make it easier, not harder, to get the right work done.

Creating resilience is not about never failing, it's about mitigating and recovering quickly. That goes for your product as well as for your organization.

I facilitate strong and healthy teams,  remove hurdles and help you get value to users more quickly.

I don't shy away from getting my hands dirty,  work towards a feedback culture and drive change.

Anna is the perfect partner for handling challenges and delights of a growing, multi-cultural, dynamic team spread across 4 continents and with an ever-changing business environment.

She is impressively fast at assessing situations, groups and individuals and identifying what needs her attention the most.

Sonja, CTO