I work both onsite (Stockholm area) and remotely.

Building strong teams

I help you build a strong, effective self-organizing team that are able to progress on big challenges. Either one-off workshops or a longer engagement over time, depending on your goals.

I help your teams go from reactive to proactive, bootstrap them to work together effectively, and coach them how to work iteratively towards impact.

Identifying goals and cadence

I help you to identify investment areas and alignment in your leadership team.

Together we find a proper cadence for your goals, how to create buy-in and visibility for them, and how to communicate it in a compelling way. I'm framework-agnostic but have a toolbox of methods to help us on our way.

Supporting leaders

You're likely a VP/CXO who's just feel you need a hand. Whether you're facing tough personnel issues, need to scale your organization rapidly or have people on your team you need to grow - I'll partner with you and figure out a path together. 

I coach product and technology leaders to maximize their potential, shift mindsets and build a healthy culture around them.

Recruiting great people

Finding and building a great team takes time, and skill; something I've honed through countless hours in several organizations! 

Let's create the recruitment process you want for your org, and teach interviewers how to conduct a great candidate interview! All resulting in an effective and inclusive process that attracts the right people!